The Maha Bodhi Society of India Centre was established in 1956, in the capital city Bhubaneshwar on a plot of land donated by the Government of Odisha. During Emperor Asoka's reign the name of Odisha was Kalinga. The Emperor fought a great war against the Kalingas to capture it. During the war large numbers of people were killed and huge destructions took place. Having witnessed the calamity and sufferings left behind by war he came to understand that such mass destruction cannot bring peace and prosperity to the nation. The Emperor changed over to be a devout Buddhist and a great patriot of Buddhism and followed the Noble Path of peace, wisdom and compassion shown by The Buddha. He ruled his vast empire in peace and tranquillity and engaged himself in the work to spread The Buddha's Message throughout India and abroad. This Centre plays a significant role in the field of social welfare services and educational activities.

Activities: Spiritual services at Kalinga Buddha Vihara, Maha Bodhi Public School; Maha Bodhi Nursery School; Yoga classes; Publication of journal “Kalinga”; Seminars.

Address: Maha Bodhi Society of India, Odisha Centre, Kalinga
Buddha Vihara, Plot 4, Unit 9, Bhubaneswar-751007. Odisha,
India, Tele: 0674-2400745;
Email - mbsiodisha@gmail.com; sourendra1@yahoo.co.in
Contact : Bhikkhu-in-Charge / Secretary, Odisha Centre

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Kalinga Buddha Vihar, Bhubaneswar
The sacred Bodhi tree at Odisha center
Statue of the Buddha at Kalinga Buddha Vihara
MBS Public School
Students of MBS Public School performing PT
MBS Public School celebrating its 14th Annual Function