Arabinda Barua Library; Dharmapala Institute of Culture & International Guest House; Maha Bodhi Publication and Media Division; Publication of Half yearly journal “The Maha Bodhi”; Meditation programme, Maha Bodhi Yoga Class, Maha Bodhi Nursery & Primary School; Sri Jinaratana Memorial Free Homeopathy Dispensary; Buddha Jayanti Celebration; Birth Anniversary of the Founder; Kathina Chivara offerings; Seminars etc.
Junior High School, Free Homeopathy Dispensary; Free Ambulance Service, Free Distribution of Dhamma books; Seminars, and the publication of the Annual journal Sambodhi”. The Annual function of Jayasri Maha Bodhi Vihara is celebrated on 1st to 3rd February. On this occasion the sacred relics of The Tathagatha Buddha and the Great Arahant Theras Sariputta and Maha Moggallana are open for public exposition
Maha Bodhi Inter College; Maha Bodhi Girl's School,Maha Bodhi Primary School; Free Medical Service; Free Ambulance Service; Sunday School; Maha Bodhi Birla Dharmasala; Mulagandha Kuti Vihara Library; Publication of Annual journal “Dharmadoot” and Seminars; On Kartika Full Moon day, the Sarnath Centre celebrates the Mulagandha Kuti Vihara Anniversary and exposition of HolyRelics.
Live Sports Screening
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Outdoor Seating
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